Creating a website is easy, but choosing a good web hosting for it is not. Web hosting is one of the fundamental boxes that you need to tick to operate your website properly on the internet.

But doing this is a confusing process, especially for those who don’t have very deep knowledge of the tech industry. This happens for multiple reasons. This includes a lack of adequate knowledge and too much market saturation.

Among tons of web hosting providers, you may find yourself stuck when it comes to choosing one. But worry not, I bring quite amazing experience in this.

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I have been a website owner for years now and throughout my journey, I have opted for different web hosting providers to see what suits best for me. In this process, I got to learn what are those most important elements that one should check for to get the best web hosting for their site. Because you know, not every element that you think is important is actually important.

That is why, in this article, I will be sharing my experience with web hosting selection with you and try to guide you on how to choose the best web hosting for your website. So, let’s go!

What is web hosting and why do you need it for your website?

If you already know the basics of web hosting and what it does, you can skip to the next part.

But if you don’t, like many others, let me tell you that web hosting provides you with a digital space for your website, like a rented room for your website. Here, you can store its database and other important things, securely. Plus, it also helps you in delivering your content to the people who visit your website.

The one who will be providing you with this digital space is known as a web host or a web hosting provider.

The stuff, or information, stored here includes images, videos, HTML files, and even CSS. All these things affect your site’s behavior before your audience.

Not only this, but web hosting also has a great impact on your site’s search engine optimization. Web hosting affects your website’s speed, security, and performance and this contributes to your site’s overall rankings in the SERPs.

In very clear words, without a web host, your website will not be connected to the rest of the internet. It would be something like a haunted palace where no one likes to go.

Now you understand the importance of web hosting and its selection process, let’s see how you can get the best for your website.

10 factors to consider to choose the best web hosting for your website

The first thing you should do while choosing a web host for your site is to make a clear list of requirements.

Once you have that ready, things will seem to be easier.

Although there are tons of things to consider while choosing a web host for your website, only a few of them are of real importance.

Below, we have listed 10 such really important factors that you ought to consider before allowing any company to host your website.

1. Uptime

Uptime is a very common yet important factor that determines the quality of a web host for your website.

best web hosting for your website

It is responsible for the time taken for your site to be opened once clicked on its link. You might have seen that sometimes when you click on a site’s link, it doesn’t open. This is because of its slow uptime.

Slow uptime not only frustrates the users trying to open your site but also the search engines. As a result, they start providing you with less organic traffic to your site, affecting your growth directly.

When choosing a web host for your site, make sure it provides high uptime. Uptime is measured in numbers and 100% is considered the best. Although no web hosting providers offer 100% uptime, the closer it is to 100, the better it is for your site.

2. Loading Speed

If you know the basics of SEO, you would understand that search engines prioritize sites that load faster over others that don’t.

Also, as readers, no one likes to waste their time on sites that take minutes in loading.

loading speed of website

Because of these, it becomes very important to choose a web host that provides you with a fast site loading speed. The average loading time for websites in 2019 is around 10 seconds on desktop and over 25 seconds on mobile. So, make sure your web host’s loading speed is better than that. And if not better, make sure it’s equal at least.

3. Available Storage


The next important factor on the list is the amount of storage you are getting from your web host. This is the storage that you are gonna use to store your website’s files.

While considering the storage factor, always keep your own requirements in mind first. Not everyone will need unlimited SSD storage that costs a hundred dollars. If you have a small website and you don’t have tons of files to store, you can opt for the 100 GB SSD storage plan that costs you much less than the former as well.

If you are getting unlimited SSD storage from your web host at a decent rate, that’s best. Opt for it and move on to evaluating the next factor.

4. Data Security

Security becomes one of the major areas of concern when you are doing business, especially online. The same applies to your website as well.

If your website isn’t properly secured, it may be hacked or its data may get stolen by cybercriminals. And you would never like that, would you?

This is why you need to be very careful about data security while letting some host your website. Make sure it is trusted, provides proper security assurances to its customers, and offers information redundancy systems and constant backups.

With all these features, even if there is an issue with your site, it will be protected and operational.

5. Monthly Traffic

Do you know that some websites limit the number of visitors to your site every month? This means that if your website’s traffic limit is 20,000, no more people than that would be able to visit your site. And in case you want them to be able to do that, you’ll be charged extra.

Webhosting traffic

Though this might look beneficial and cost-effective for new websites with low traffic, big websites might have to bear great losses due to this.

To avoid this, make sure your web host provides you with enough monthly traffic your site needs. And if you have a website where you are getting a good number of visitors every month, having unlimited traffic would be a better option.

6. Customer Support

No matter how good a web host you choose for your website, you will have some issues, now or later. And this is when the customer support factor of a web host comes into importance.

A good web host makes sure that their customers are being assisted efficiently in any kind of issues they are having with the hosting.

For example, if your website is shut down suddenly and you don’t get proper support from your web host, your site would remain shut down for days, and if not hours at least. This will cost you a lot as users will get a poor visiting experience from your site and search engines might lower your rankings as well.

Now on the other hand, in the same condition, if you get proper assistance on time, things will still be in your control.

While choosing a web host for your website, check how its customer support system works and how many ways are you provided with for contacting the team. The more you have, the better it would be.

7. Pricing

How hard you try, you cannot put the pricing factor out of the game while choosing the best hosting for your site.

bluehost hosting price

Pricing here refers to the amount you will be paying your web hosts per month or year for hosting your site. Although people think that web hosts having costlier plans offer better features, this is not true every time. If you analyze properly, you will see many high-quality and well-reputed web hosting providers charging you much less than others, despite providing better features. Find them and choose them.

Also, check for the difference in monthly and annual plans as well. Most of the time, annual or multi-year plans are cheaper than monthly plans. If you are going for the long-run and are confident about your web host’s features, those will be better.

8. Email Hosting

We need to also looks that Our Hosting Provider is providing email Hosting or not , May be we are using Gmail , Yahoo , Namecheap Email Services , Godaddy Services etc.

To make sure your business is up and running, you need to have an email hosting solution.

Also, If you want a email account with your own brand or website presence you need to look a better dedicated email provider. But you can also use Email Hosting Provider Email account which are available in Cpanel.

But there is also some lacks of security in this account which are provided by Hosting Provider.

So before using any Hosting Provider Email Account you need to recheck security factors.

9. Free BackUp

Hosting provider provide backup of website to ensure that the site will not be lost in the event of a crash or hacking.

There is a backup for each website hosted with the provider. The backup is stored in a secure location and can be accessed at any time. It will be available in case of an outage, or if there is some other problem that requires the website to be restored.

Some hosting providers offer free backup services, while others charge a fee for this service.

wordpress backup plugin

So before choosing any hosting provider the please check which one provide free backup and which one paid.

Mostly People Use Free WordPress PLugin For Backup [ UPDRAFTPLUS]

10. The Add-On products and services

You would have seen many web hosts mentioning add-on products and services in the list of their main features. These are other important factor to consider as well.

Suppose you got your website up and running and now you want to add some new things to it like installing a new plugin to your site. But are you able to do it? Because all web hosting providers don’t have this feature.

While selecting one for your site, make sure it has. Make sure your web host allows you to add things like SSL certificates or custom email addresses later on after purchasing the plan without charging anything extra.

11. Free trial and refund policy

I won’t be wrong if I say that many web hosting companies use these two features to catch the eyes of their customers and make sales. Although this isn’t wrong, many companies fail at doing what they say in their ads.

When you have to choose the best web hosting for your website, test the free trial feature and the refund policy feature first to be clear about what you are getting.

hosting refund policy
BlueHost Refund Policy

Free trials help users to understand the actual procedure and features of the seller. After completing the free trial method, you will, mostly, be clear whether that web hosting will be good for your site or not. If it is, keep using it by purchasing one of the many plans. And if not, test another web hosting, after all, it’s free. LOL!

Also, check how strong the refund policy of your selected web host is. Do you actually get a refund from the company? If yes, after how long and how easily? Consider this seriously as well.

12. Limitations

People look for what they can do on their website while choosing a web host for their website. But at the same time, knowing what you cannot do is important too.

Prepare a list of the things you want allowance for from your web host and see if your chosen one is checking all the boxes. If it does, good, and if not, know what things you are not allowed to do with your web hosting. And then choose according to that.

For example, if you want to migrate your site after 6 months of its start and your web host is not allowing that, why would you go with that?

Know your limitations and see if you can manage with them. If you can, go with that!

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Conclusion: Are you missing anything?

If you keep all the 10 aforementioned factors in mind, getting a good, or the perfect, web hosting provider for your website won’t be a tough task.

Selecting a good web host for your website has been much easier now as companies are getting more aware of their customer’s requirements and are trying to fulfill them at their best. To improve customer experience, companies now offer dedicated hosting plans to their customers that focus on fulfilling a certain purpose.

But again, remember that what you need is the biggest factor that will help you decide which web hosting company you should go with. Make a clear list of your requirements and then analyze which web host fulfills most of them.

There are some other factors that you can consider while opting for the best web hosting for your site. These include;

–         Host’s server responsiveness

–         Backup options

–         The type of control panel you are getting

–         Included or excluded email hosting services

–         Environmental friendliness

–         Difference between purchase cost and renewal cost, and more

Although these factors remain the same in most of the web hosting provider’s features list, having them in your mind will help you only.

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