Are you going to buy Cloud Hosting? But Do you Feel Stuck in choosing the best cheap cloud hosting for WordPress websites.

Nowadays, there are so many best cloud servicer providers available but still, it is very hard to find which one will work for you and which one will not be going to work. 

During My Initial days, I also face similar issues and I tried a bunch of providers that had exact cons and at the same time pros, So I wasted a lot of money, and go through many YouTubers’ reviews, and still faces problems.

So, Finally today’s post, I will tell you the 5 BEST CHEAP CLOUD HOSTING PROVIDER FOR WORDPRESS at very low prices ( Annually)

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    Cloud Magika

    The first and best cheap cloud hosting provider on our list is CloudMagika

    CloudMagika is an Indian Company having servers spread across many regions of the world. According to their reports, their data center is spread across 9 different countries like Canada, USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Ukraine, Finland, China, Australia, and India.

    CloudMagika was started in the year 2018. Let us tell you what are the features that you will get if you buy their services like the latest version of Cpanel, the latest version of PHP, along with this you get the option to create unlimited emails, automatically backups all websites.

    Why CloudMagika is the best and cheap cloud hosting provider for WordPress ?

    By the way, there is many reasons for this, But let us tell you some main features 

    Pros Of CloudMagika

    1. Its First Plan name is starter Cloud is available for Just 52/Month ( Less than $1 per month). The same most expensive plan is available for just 149/month (less than $3 per month)
    2. Having data center in more than one country, Due to this the website can be easily accessed from anywhere.
    3. They provide SSD storage at a very low price.
    4. There is no extra fee for privacy and protection.

    Cons Of CloudMagika

    There are some cons of Cloudmagika which I faced but are still manageable. But which you must need to know

    1. If you visit Cloudmagika website then you do not find any chat option to contact the support system live.
    2. No Contact Mobile Number is available to talk to an expert instantly

    Ambition Host

    Ambition Host cheap cloud hosting

    The second company name in the list of cheap cloud hosting companies is Ambition Host. Their website link is

    The cloud hosting that Ambition Host offers are two different big brands of cloud hosting. Both those brand names are Digitalocean and Linode.

    Most of us know about DigitalOcean and Linode brands and also know their price. If you buy DigitalOcean and Linode’s cloud hosting with the help of Ambition Host, then it will be available at a very low price. The ambition Host company is providing its service for the last 4 years.

    Why AmbitionHost is the best cheap cloud hosting provider?

    So let us now tell you with the help of some points why AmbitionHost is the best cloud hosting.

    Pros Of Ambition Host

    1. Whatever server is being provided by this
      company, it is being provided by very famous and secure DigitalOcean and Linode servers.
    2. The company offers hostings options on both a monthly basis and annual basis.
    3. Both and have
      good reviews for AmbitionHost hosting. The
      company has scored an average of 4.5 stars out
      of 5 stars.
    4. A good support team is also present on AmbitionHost.

    Cons Of AmbitionHost

    Let us now also tell you some drawbacks of Ambition Host, which can be very important for you to know if you buy cloud hosting from them.

    1. No live support team is available at the time of the selection of any product.
    2. If any problem gets at the time of the payment then also support team is not available within 5 to 10 minutes.
    3. Not full control of the cloud hosting with root access


    Sitecountry cheap cloud hosting plan

    Are you still searching for a very cheap and best cloud
    hosting server?

    If so then Sitecountry Cloud Hosting might be for you. is also the best
    cloud hosting service provider company.

    It is at number three in our list of Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers in 2022.

    First of all, let us tell you that review has been written by many bloggers for sitecountry and video has been made by YouTubers. According to all bloggers and YouTubers, sitecountry is considered to be a very good cloud hosting company.

    Sitecountry started in the year 2020, but due to its good hosting, sitecountry became very famous in a very short time. Today, thousands of websites are hosted on sitecountry’s servers company.

    Pros Of SiteCountry 

    1. SiteCountry cloud hosting price is very low and affordable.
    2. Sitecountry’s data center is also present in India, due to which the speed of India’s website increases manifold.
    3. Free migration is also provided by the sitecountry

    Cons Of SiteCountry 

    1. Sitecountry is a very new company, which makes it a bit difficult to trust.
    2. There are many plans available on sitecountry for any type of hosting. Due to this, the customer takes a lot of time to select any plans.
    3. Only 14 days refund policy is available. At least it must be 30 days minimum.


    Hosting Mella Cheap cloud hosting with free domain

    If are you searching for cloud hosting that provides hosting at a very reasonable price and you also get a domain for free, then Hostingmella can be for you.

    HostingMella is a company that started in 2021 but in today‘s time, many people know this company. Many people have hosted their websites on this company’s server.

    If this question is coming to your mind that how is the review of this hostingmella, then let us tell you that its review is quite good. HostingMella has got 3 stars out of 5

    The most different and special thing you will get to see in their cloud hosting is Lightspeed Server. You will be provided fast hosting with LiteSpeed server on hostingmella.

    Let us tell you that a hostingmella server is present in many countries, apart from this hostingmella server is also present in India.

    It gives you servers with NVMe SSD Powered. Apart from this, their server remains secure with the solid firewall BitNinja.

    Let us tell you that if you buy cloud hosting, then you will also be given the option of migration for free. 

    Pros Of HostingMella

    1. Automatic daily backup is taken and that backup is on the server for the next 7 days. So that the chances of losing the content are reduced
    2.  Its provide very secure and never faces many problems like malware, DDoS Attacks Etc.
    3. The Server is with SSD storage, due to which the speed of the website increases significantly.
    4. They provide an unlimited database and many free plugins.

    Cons Of HostingMella

    Let us now tell you some disadvantages and drawbacks. 

    1. It is a fairly new hosting Company.
    2. The support system is a little bit slow.


    grow2host hosting

    The name of the company which is at number five on our list today is, the price of this company’s plan is also equal to that of other cloud hosting company.

    But in you will get to see more features than other companies at the same price.

    The basic plan of starts at $1.5 , in which you can connect to 3 sites and also create unlimited email accounts. So if you want to host three websites on a cloud server for $1.5 then you can buy cloud hosting from Let us now give more information about

    Let us tell you that Grow2Host also started in the year 2021 and it is a registered company in MSME. Let us tell you that by visiting their website, you can do live chat quite easily. grow2host’s server is all over the world as well as in India. If your blog targets India, then you can get your website fast loading in India by buying their cloud hosting. Its effect will also be seen in your SEO.

    Pros Of Grow2Host

    1. Its price is much less than any big company, but the server is largely the same.
    2. It is a registered company in MSME, due to which businesses can also use the service of Grow2Host.
    3. Their support team is very active.
    4. Their storage is SSD storage, which gives a lot of benefits.
    5. Unlimited Bandwidth, Database, Subdomains, and Email options in each plan.

    Cons Of Grow2Host

    1. This is a very new hosting company, this company started in 2021.

    Conclusion – 

    The conclusion of above cheap cloud hosting is that it is a great way to save money on hosting and can be used by any company or individual. You also need to consider factors like uptime, site speed, and support ,etc.

    Cloud hosting is the future. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime without worrying about hardware, maintenance, or backups.

    Frequently Ask Question

    Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting service that provides on-demand computing resources and data storage to customers. It is a kind of web hosting that allows companies to store their data and access it from anywhere in the world.

    There are many benefits of using cloud hosting, including reduced costs, increased productivity, better security, and scalability. But it also has some drawbacks such as limited customization options and lack of control over the private data.

    The debate between Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting still has not been resolved. Some people believe that Cloud Hosting is the future while others think it will be replaced by traditional hosting in the near future.

    To be Honest, It is very hard to maintain 99.99% uptime.

    Every shared hosting , cloud hosting providers convey that they are 99.99% uptime which is not true.

    But we can expect 98% Uptime.

    To be Honest, we are using last 5 month services of SiteCountry , AmbitionHost and Grow2Host.

    and For rest mine teammate are using.

    Yes, Money Back policy available but it vary duration according to service provider.

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