A good landing page is powerful enough to get you plenty of high-ticket clients and customers.

Being a creator and marketer, I can tell you that a landing page is one of the most essential elements your website has. It’s like that quick overview that tells what your website actually does. With an attractive, appealing, and responsive landing page, you can turn your website into a pay machine, literally! 

Now you have decided to create a landing page for your website, right? But creating one can be quite expensive for you, especially if you don’t have the right tools for it. Thankfully, if your website is managed on WordPress, things can be easier. 

WordPress offers some really good plugins that can help you create landing pages that convert. 

In this article, we are going to look at 15 of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages for your website, online store, or blog. If all done right, your perfect landing page is just a few steps away! 

What is a Landing Page in WordPress?

Let’s not make it too technical or complicated. The landing page of your WordPress website is like a quick guide about it. When any online user visits your website via URL or search engine, they will be shown this page in the very first place. 

The main feature of a website landing page is to guide new visitors and help them navigate through the site more easily. 

For example, here is an image of the landing page of Hubspot.com 

In the image, you can see that there is a brief info mentioned about what the business is actually about. You can also see two call-to-actions (CTAs) that persuade the visitor to take an action. However, many websites prefer to go with one CTA. It’s all up to you. Along with these, some basic features of the site are also mentioned to help you understand more clearly.

You can create a similar landing page for your website using the listed WordPress plugins if you want. However, once you get your hands on the tools, the possibilities are literally endless. 

Now that we have revised our basic knowledge of website landing pages, it’s finally time to see the best WordPress plugins for landing pages now. 

15 Best WordPress Plugins for Landing Pages 

Here are the 15 landing pages WordPress plugins you should check out. 

  1. Elementor 

Elementor is one the most popular landing pages WordPress plugins with over 2 million active installations. With some easy-to-use and effective features like a drag-and-drop builder, a live editor, and quick page loading times, Elementor is all set to become your go-to landing page builder. 

Creating your WordPress landing page becomes quite easy with Elementor because of its 100+ pre-designed templates and 300+ design blocks. You just need to put the relevant information there, and BOOM, your landing page is ready! 

For someone who doesn’t have knowledge of web design but neither wants to learn them, Elementor is perfect. 

  1. WP Lead Capturing Pages 

Designed especially for business purposes, WP Lead Capturing Pages allow you to create captivating landing pages for your website that’ll attract more visitors and possible leads. The key point of this WordPress landing page plugin is the built-in drag-and-drop features that let you do a lot of things so simply. 

With WP Lead Capturing Pages, you need no coding knowledge, literally. All thanks to its 10+ autoresponder integrations and 30+ shortcodes, you can do all you want without doing anything coding. Also, the plugin offers more than 20 pre-designed templates and a countdown timer that makes it super easy to use. 

It also offers auto-responsive web elements such as texts, images, buttons, forms, and bullets which allows you to include different forms of information on your landing page without any hassle. If you are the head of the sales team and are craving more leads and customers, creating an actionable landing page using this plugin can help you. 

  1. Instabuilder 

Just by looking at the name, you can predict that this WordPress landing page plugin would help you create landing pages instantly. Yes, that’s what it does. In a market where everyone takes web designing as a complex thing, Instabuilder takes it easy. Seriously! It brands its plugin as “sexy” and claims that it is as easy to use as playing a video game. 

Now, talking about its performance, it allows you to leverage its 100+ pre-designed templates to create stunning, captivating, and yeah, sexy landing pages for your website. All the landing pages come with auto-responsive designs which means no coding stuff is needed. Apart from all this, Instabuilder has some really amazing and user-friendly customization tools which you can use to give your landing page the look it needs. 

With features like 1-click integration, custom elements, and advanced text formatting, Instabuilder surely becomes one of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages out there. 

  1. OptinMonster 

Personally, I see OptinMonster as more of a lead generation tool than a landing page builder. But when I found out about it, it proved to be one of the best in the business. Bringing all its high-class reputation in its WP plugin, OptionMonster usually tops the list of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages. 

The plugin allows you to create your website landing page in two ways; either using the inline campaign or the fullscreen welcome mat. In the former, you can insert a lead generation form into your posts to create landing pages, which is new. If not, going the conventional way is always open. 

OptinMonster offers plenty of conversion tools like discount wheel popups, countdown timers, and the new exit intent technology to support your lead generation process. The plugin works best with page builders or themes such as Divi Builder, Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro. So if you have them, give it a try! 

  1. Thrive Architect 

Since we mentioned Thrive Architect recently, let’s talk about it. It’s basically a coding-free WordPress plugin that enables you to create a stunning landing page for your website using its 250+ pre-built templates. With Thrive Architect, customizing your landing pages to your liking is just a matter of minutes. All thanks to the click-to-edit feature provided in the drag-and-drop feature. 

Along with that, this WordPress landing page plugin also offers you some really good conversion tools that help you boost your lead generation and sales processes. 

Thrive Architect looks perfect for websites that not only just want to have a landing page but show the real picture of the business there. 

  1. Seed Prod 

Seed Prod would sound like a very familiar name if you have been a regular user of WordPress. Yes, it’s a plugin that not only lets you create captivating landing pages but also optin pages, coming soon pages, and 404 error pages too, all with zero coding! 

Recommended for newly starting bloggers, Seed Prod allows you to create different layouts and publish them on your site within seconds. One key feature of this WordPress landing page plugin is that it has integrated with some of the best marketing tools out there which open tons of new opportunities for your business. 

And yeah, that drag-and-drop feature and auto-responsive pages are there too! If you are getting started with blogging, it’s surely one of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages out there. 

  1. WP Profit Builder 

Let’s be practical. What is the ultimate goal behind creating a landing page for your site? Profit, right? Well, that is precisely what WP Profit Builder helps you get by not just letting you create quality landing pages but by giving proper directions during the process too. 

This landing page WordPress plugin offers you more than 60 pre-designed layouts for sales, marketing, and leads. You can either customize one of these or create a new landing page for your site from scratch, it’s your call. 

A very good feature of this plugin is that whenever a visitor signs up to your site, all their details are forwarded to an appropriate location via integration. 

  1. Qards 

Yes, it’s pronounced as “Cards” but it has no joker in it, haha! Besides joking, Qards is a modern landing page builder plugin for WordPress. Unlike other older plugins, this one uses WordPress native code for its functioning, ensuring you won’t have any problem with the integration stuff. 

Along with basic components like texts and images, Qards also allows you to use Google fonts, covers, grids, subscribe, and many other elements. Each of the elements is auto-responsive and can be customized the way you want. 

Qards also proves to be quite helpful to your email marketing campaign because of its integration with MailChimp. Every time a user fills in their details on your site, it’s transferred to a secure place which you can leverage later for automating your email marketing campaign. 

  1. Keyword 

Being in the online business, we all understand the importance of keywords on the internet. Different users can use different keywords to access the same business. This makes it very difficult for the business owner to decide which keyword to include on their landing page. And that is where our next WordPress landing page plugin, Keyword, comes in. It allows you to create different landing pages for users based on keywords. 

Using Keyword is very simple. You just need to attach each landing page to a unique keyword. This will enable your site to show the exact part of your landing page to visitors with unique keywords. In simple words, it’ll show them what’s for them. 

If you are looking for an SEO-friendly landing page for your site that’ll suit different requirements, Keyword is your go-to WP Plugin. 

  1. Optimize Press

The first WordPress plugin for landing pages that comes with a live editor, Optimize Press is an amazing page builder you should know about. With more than 30 pre-built templates and 40+ elements to work on, creating the perfect landing page for your website is possible now. 

Also, Optimize Press offers you GDPR-compliant features based on European data privacy standards which are sort of cool.

You can create opt-in pages, subscribe boxes, and do much more here. Optimize Press is one of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages out there. 

  1. Avada 

If Qards does not seem to be modern enough for you, try Avada. This new generation WordPress page builder allows you to create aesthetically pleasing landing pages using its extensive design library and the all-new single post layout builder. 

Among the wide range of pre-designed templates Avada offers, the portfolio pages are the best, at least for me. Having an engaging portfolio look, this layout allows you to showcase all that you’ve got in a really interesting way. Use testimonials, ratings, services, and whatever you think will get you more leads. Everything’s possible with Avada. 

  1. Divi 

Divi makes its name on the list of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages with its unique features that include responsive editing and custom CSS control. With Divi, you can see real-time changes while editing too, just like Optimize Press. 

One of the best features that Divi offers is its undo/redo option. This lets you recall versions of your landing pages if you don’t like the new ones. So, you won’t have to think so much before trying out something new now!

A lot of other amazing features are there too. You just need to give it a try for them. 

  1.  LeadPages 

Looking for something that precisely focuses on your goals of getting more leads through your landing pages? LeadPages is the one you are looking for actually. This WordPress page builder lets you create engaging, captivating, and converting landing pages for your site that get more leads and ultimately customers. 

Focusing on your goals, LeadPages provide you with auto-responsive pages, in-built SEO features, and fast page loading speeds to boost your SERP rankings. On top of it, you also get a conversion guide that suggests appropriate changes if your landing pages aren’t performing well. Looks worthy right? It is. 

  1. Beaver Builder 

If you are someone that looks for value for cost, you should definitely try Beaver Builder. This WordPress landing page plugin allows you to create multiple websites with just one purchase license. 

And yeah, it’s SEO-friendly and offers you all the features that other plugins on the list do including those auto-responsive pages, the drag-and-drop features, and different elements to work on too. 

There is a translation feature too that allows you to translate your content and engage with a larger audience too. Value for cost, isn’t it?

  1. Landing Page Builder 

A typical WordPress page builder plugin offered by WordPress, Landing Page Builder helps you create appealing landing pages for your sites with ease. Along with providing features such as drag-and-drop and in-built SEO optimization, it also lets you use elements such as subscribe boxes and opt-in forms to collect data from your visitors. 

Other features include auto-responsive pages, integrated analytics to track clicks, and A/B testing for better conversion. There is a Zapier integration too that makes automation fun for you. 

By costing you around $50 per year, Landing Page Builder becomes one of the best WordPress plugins for landing pages that you can use. 

Keep trying until you find the best one for you 

All of the WordPress page builder plugins listed above are the best of the bests in the business. You can use any of them to create stunning and converting landing pages for your sites. 

However, I’ll recommend you should try all of them and see which one works best for you. Once you find what’s for you, stick to it. 


Q. How to create a landing page?

Creating a landing page is quite simple. If you have some basic designing skills and knowledge of web tools, you can simply create a good one for your site using any of the WordPress page builder plugins listed in the post. 

Q. What is a landing page used for?

A landing page is used to guide new visitors to the business about what the business actually does. Usually, it includes a CTA that tempts the visitors to check more sections of the business they are interested in. 

Q. What are the key components of a landing page?

Here are a few factors that determine the quality of a landing page 

  • User-friendliness 
  • Customizability 
  • SEO features 
  • Quality of its CTA(s), and 
  • Other features 

Q. What is a good conversion rate for a landing page?

Landing pages with conversion rates over 11% are considered good landing pages 

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