Fiverr is a freelancing website that offers services in the form of gigs. Gigs are priced at $5 and can be anything from writing to music to design.

Fiverr has been around since 2010 and it has grown over the years to become one of the most popular sites on the internet.

However, It is very confusing, and time is taken the process to find a good quality Fiverr Gigs Provider in such a big marketplace ( Many Gigs Providers have good reviews but still I didn’t find results).

It is very important to choose a good SEO service provider having a strong knowledge of the latest SEO trends and techniques because a less quality service may negatively impact your website’s ranking in search engines.

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For this reason, we have done in-depth research and also tested some of the gig provider services for our projects and brought 15+ best Fiverr SEO gig providers in 2022 having good customer satisfaction.

Top 15 Fiverr Seo Gigs Providers in 2022

1) Username – ozzieuk

Fiverr Gig Title – I will create a full SEO campaign for your website

fiverr gigs

This seller is the top choice from our list of ” the best Fiverr SEO gig provider”. He has an exceptional number of repeat buyers. He has almost more than 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and has served more than 50k buyers on Fiverr.

List Of Services Provide –

  • Build high DA Link Building Campaign, done the right way (no black hat here).
  • Content building for all links if required.
  • AHREFS Backlink Analysis of all sites current link profile with a full report to identify issues with previous bad SEO
  • SEO report analyzing for all webpages with up to 3 of your competitors including recommended on-page changes for your most valuable keyword
  • Keep Monitoring keywords of all campaign
  • Site map generation and submission to Google Webmaster Tool

Gigs Details –

best fiverr seo gigs

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2) Username- contentbylisa

Fiverr Gig Title – I will optimize the SEO of your website for optimal rankings.

fiverr seo gigs

She is Netherlands based one of the best SEO services providers who helps every buyer to rank in search engines. contentbylisa is her fiverr username.

She worked with many companies from all industries, even 1 Fortune 500 company.

She will take care of all your On Page SEO & Technical SEO to Top Rank keyword or website on search engine.

She is almost getting more than 4.9 rating on Fiverr and Buyer choice.

List of Service Provided –

  • OnPage Optimization for Targeted Keywords
  • Title & Meta Description 
  • SEO Audit & Reporting*
  • Title & Meta Description  & Image Optimization* & Alt Tags
  • Schema Markup for Google Rich Snippets

Gig Details –

best fiverr seo gigs

3) Username – randysmccabe

Fiverr Gig Title – I will do on page SEO optimizations

seo gig provider

He is the one top rated SEO service Provider in Fiverr. He is
Full-stack Digital Marketer, Ex-Googler located in the Heart of Silicon Valley having expreince of 8 years in the field of digital marketing. randysmccabe is his fiverr username.

He have more than 4.9 Star out of 5 In fiverr.

List Of Service Provided –

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Meta tags (Title & description) & Image optimization
  • Header Tags Optimized or Applied (Ex. H1s) “Extra gig”

GiG Details –

fiverr seo gig

4) Username – baldtel

Fiverr Gig Title – I will do your monthly SEO and optimise your website.

monthly fiverr seo gigs

He is United Kingdom Based SEO service provider Agency who is offering his best service in Fiverr. Baldtel is his fiverr username.

He has more than 15 years of expreince in Digital marketing and having big cleint like – , Shpock ,Skyscanner having 5 star rating ( Fiverr choice ).

List Of Services Included –

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing Local SEO (If applicable)
  • Backlink Building ( High DA).
  • On-page optimization & Technical SEO.

GiG Details –

seo fiverr gig provider

5) Username – ana_seo_85

the best seo gig provider

Ana is Brazil based SEO Agency with 20 years of experience having more than 4500 reviews. They accept all most every niche website for seo optimatization.

Ana SEO Agency help in building high quality backlinks from top authority websites.

List Of Service Provided –

  • Contextual Backlinks: I’ll create Contextual Backlinks on my blogs with some related content about your niche
  • Mixed and Natural Way: Mostly dofollow, but with some nofollow included
  • High Quality Backlinks: The posts will be placed on blogs with High Ahrefs Metrics DR or UR 49~20, or High Moz Metrics DA or PA 49~20
  • Safe Anchor Text: In addition to your target keywords, I’ll use diversified anchor text as URL and Generics Keywords

GiG Details –

ana seo agency fiverr gigs

6) Username – miranda_davis

SEo services

She is also one of the most top rated in fiverr who was Houston, Texas based digital marketing and SEO expert , served more than 10k user

Her services are based on the most advanced & successful white hat backlink SEO service.

List Of Service Provide –

  • LatticeWork Technique for Google Rank
  • Contextual SEO backlinks & Public blogs & Web 2.0
  • Mix of Comment, Forum, & Files backlinks & more.
  • Relevancy & Foundation Tiered backlinks

Gig Details –

fiverr top choice seo gigs

7) Username – jaylucy

jaylucky fiverr seo gigs

JAY & LUCY are India based Google Certified SEO Consultants & Algorithm Experts since more than 10 years and having very good client based, consider as best rated seller on Fiverr.

List Of Service Provided –

  • Almighty Link (DA70+ DR70+, Active Visitors 100,000+) 150+ Elite Diversified Backlinks
  • Niche Relevant content (Unique & Top-Notch 500+ Words Content)
  • Maintained Anchor Diversity – Branded, Naked, Generic, LSI, Partial Match & Exact Match Anchors
  • INDEXING: Indexed in Drip Feed for average of 10-30 Days through Multiple Indexers

GiG Details –

jaylucky fiverr gigs list

8) Username – ayesha_digital

ayesha digital fiverr seo gigs

Ayesha_Digital is pakistan based SEO Agency who had served more than 5k users and having 5 Star rating on Fiverr.

List Of Service Provided –

  • Unique Strategy: Rank Forcible Backlinks (tried-and-true strategy-based links we use to dominate big brands)
  • High DA or DR (b/w 40-90+) Links & Link from Top pages
  • Featuring: We feature your site with backlinks on Premium Google News Source(s): Exclusively in Standard and Premium Pack.
  • Pro Combination of SEO Guest Posts & Authority Properties Web2.0s
  • Diversified Anchoring Strategy

GiG Deatils –

ayesha digital fiverr gig details

9) Username – rank_rancher

20 best fiverr seo gigs provider in 2022

She is Fiverr Choice Seller who provided very good customer satisfication and good services. She is India Based SEO expert who had served more than 1000 user with having more than 4.9 rating. rank_rancher is her Fiverr username.

List Of Service Provided –

  • OPTIMIZED MIX of Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks
  • OPTIMIZED MIX OF 20-95 DA rating to make it natural for Google

Packages Details –

seo fiverr gigs

10) Username – afyiee

Fiverr Gig Title – I will be your SEO expert providing monthly professional service

monthly seo fiverr gigs

He is India based SEO specialist with 7+ years of Experience. He successfully ranked 1000+ keywords worldwide in Competitive Niche with right SEO consultant you can do it too for your Business. Afieyee is his fiverr username.

List Of Service Provided-

  • On-page Optimization & Technical SEO Audit 
  • Website Audit – Find & Fix 200+ missed opportunities
  • Monitor and analyze website performance

Packages Details –

fiverr seo providers

11) Username – numan_choudhary

Fiverr Gig Title – I will do SEO optimization of your website that will increase google ranking

Naman Choudary is Pakistan Based SEO Expertise freelancer who provide services at very affordable price. He also provide best keyword research and research highly profitable niche ideas. He had served more than 2k user on Fiverr with maintaing above 4.9 rating.

List Of Services Provided –

  • All Backlinks from High-Authority Websites
  • Do follow Contextual SEO Backlinks
  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • Long-tails keywords targeting

Packages Details –

naman choudary fiverr gigs

12) Username – ultimate_seoguy

Fiverr Gig Title – I will do ultimate SEO service for guaranteed ranking improvements for 2022

fiverr best seo gigs provider

They are India based highly Professional SEO Team having 9 years of expreince with amazing success and results. They have served almost more than 10k user with more than 4.9 rating and they are top rated by buyers on Fiverr.

List Of Service Provided-

  • High DA PA Content Marketing
  • White Hat SEO Link Building for 2022
  • Manual link building & Detailed Report
  • Title, Tag, Meta Description & Low Metric Backlinks

Packages Details –

cheap fiverr seo provider

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13) Username- lisa_rank

rank your blog on top one

Lisa is Greece based Professional Web Develope , SEO , SMM , SEM Expertise having more than 10 years of expreinces. lisa_rank is her fiverr username . She has done almost more than 5k order on fiverr with 5 star rating.

List Of Service Provided-

  • A natural mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links
  • Backlinks sent to a premium indexing service
  • Full report with login details

Packages Details –

lisa rank fiverr gig packages

14) Username- sarkar_seo

cheap seo services provider

SarkarSEO is India based SEO Freelancer who is the fastest growing and top rated seller in fiverr. He has more than 12 years experience in SEO and he helped many client to rank on google top results.

List Of Service Provided-

  • Unique Content creation as per niche (5 X 500+ words)
  • High Quality Premium Guest Posts(DA 50+)
  • Mixed with dofollow and Nofollow
  • INDEXING: Drip Feed Links for average of 10-30 Days through Multiple Indexers.

Packages Details –

cheap provider of fiverr seo gig

15) Username- faheemexpert

Fiverr Gig Title – I will do SEO for google first page ranking

cheap seo provider in 2022

faheemexpert is Pakistan Based Seo Service provider who is very honest to his work and having more than 5 year of expreince and having more than 4.9 rating on fiverr.

List Of Service Provided –

  • Backlinks from high authority sites 
  • Top Directory Submissions
  • Complete Keyword Research
  • Image Optimization

Packages Details –

cheap seo services providers in 2022


In this article I have done in-depth research and recommended 15 Best Fiverr Seo Gigs Provider In 2022. It is very hard to find a good and trusted SEO service provider or else it can negative impact to your website ranking and also lead to penalize the whole website in any searcch engine.

Frequenlty Ask Questions –

How Long will it take Website to Rank ?

No IDEA. Though we build the best type of links, the whole SEO process would be more like a trial and error. Sometimes the rankings may improve in 2-3 months timeframe, sometimes it can take upto a year.This is all dependent on Google and we don’t Control Google

Will they provide permanent links?

Yes, all links are permanent.

Which niche does they accept?

Yes , almost every niche accepted all valid URLs. Exceptions: adult sites and illegal content

Will My Site get Penalized ?

Yeah, your site can get penalized if its poorly optimized. The links that we would be building out would force the Google spiders to crawl the Pages of your Website and if they find duplicate content, thin content or too much keyword stuffing, then your Website can get penalized.

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