If your business has passed those hard days of struggle with low traffic and is getting a significant number of visitors and sales per month, it’s high time you switch from your old, typical web hosting to cloud hosting. With cloud hosting, managing your website becomes much more secure and efficient. 

Most well-reputed businesses not only in India but in the world operate their websites on cloud hosting. Not only does it provide much more privacy to your management system but it also provides you with a bunch of unique features and services that cater to traffic and new customers to your site. 

Okay, so now you have made up your mind to switch your business to cloud hosting. But the question is, which cloud hosting provider to go with? 

In a well-saturated market like India, competition is everywhere. And the case of web hosting services is no different. In the country, there are so many cloud hosting providers that claim to be the best. But we all know, everyone cannot be the best. This makes it difficult for customers like you to properly select the perfect cloud hosting providers for themselves. 

But not anymore. This article lists 11 of the best cloud hosting providers in India, providing valuable information about them. After going through the article thoroughly, you will be able to understand which cloud host fits best for your business. 

Before heading straight to the list, let us first look at what cloud hosting actually is. If you know it already, you can skip to the main list. Otherwise, the next section is important! 

What is Cloud Hosting?

In simple words, cloud hosting is a kind of web hosting that makes sure your website never faces downtime. 

Now, let’s understand it technically. 

In cloud hosting, a virtual server is employed to host your website. As compared to other traditional hosting types where one or more sites are usually hosted on a single physical server, it is different. 

Unlike shared web hosting or VPS hosting where you get to manage your website on a public server, cloud hosting ensures you complete privacy. Cloud hosting works on the process of virtualization. This advanced technology splits up a single physical server into multiple virtual machines. These machines are termed cloud servers. Once getting split up, these cloud servers connect to form a single network where your website gets hosted on. 

As compared to other hosting types, cloud hosting offers you far better features and services. One major feature among these is that it ensures you a 24×7 website uptime. It means that no matter what the conditions are, with cloud hosting, your website will never face downtime. It is made sure by the different virtual machines or the cloud servers that your website operates on. If one of the machines or servers faces any issues, the other comes up and takes control of your website and in this way, your website never goes down due to server issues. 

Other important features of cloud hosting include;

  • High traffic management 
  • Scalability 
  • Ensured security
  • Better privacy, and
  • Faster speed 

Now that you have enough knowledge about cloud hosting. Let’s see the best web hosting providers in the country and choose one for you. All in the next section! 

18 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for Your Website 

  1. Kamatera 

Whenever you search the internet for the best cloud hosting providers, the name of Kamatera shows up every single time. That too on the first page! That is the kind of reputation this cloud hosting company has built over the past 27 years. Founded in 1995, Kamatera has been one of the leading cloud hosting providers in the market. From small-scale businesses to multinational websites with millions of monthly traffic, Kamatera works for all. 

The company operates globally and has 18 different data centers across the globe that are fully owned and managed by the company itself. Along with that, the cloud web host provides its customer with real-human chat support that makes identifying and solving issues so easy. 


  • 99.5% uptime (99.99% in the past 10 years according to the company stats) 
  • 1000 GB cloud block storage 
  • 1000 GB outgoing internet traffic 
  • 60+ operating systems to choose from 
  • 60-seconds server setup 
  • 30-day free trial with no limits 


  • No data centers in India specifically 

  1. Hostinger 

Hostinger is probably the most trusted cloud hosting provider of all. Moreover, it is one of the biggest and most well-reputed web hosting providers in the world. With Hostinger’s cloud hosting services, you get some of the best features out there at the best price. 

For example, it allows you to host up to 300 websites at once for less than 10 bucks a month. 

Not just that, with the cloud hosting plans of Hostinger, you get several other amazing features such as a 99.9% website uptime guarantee, daily data backup of your website, and a user-friendly control panel to handle everything from one place. And if anything goes wrong, efficient customer support is always there for you too! 

Besides these, here are a few more PROS and CONS of the web host you should know about. 


  • Automated data backup of your website on a regular basis 
  • Dedicated IP address
  • A fully manageable hPanel to control website activities, 
  • Up to 6 GB RAM 
  • Managed WordPress, and 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Plan renewal costs increase 
  1. Scala Hosting 

Instead of offering a proper cloud hosting service, Scala Hosting provides its customers with Cloud VPS hosting. The web host focuses on merging the flexibility of VPS hosting with the scalability of Cloud hosting to make sure its customers get the best. 

One of the most significant features of Scala Hosting is that it lets you decide which services you want to go with before you even sign up. The web host does this to make sure you get exactly what you want and avoid unnecessary stuff.  Obviously, the cost of the plans varies according to what features you have selected. For example, you would be charged around $59 for 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, and 240 GB SSD while you will need to pay $6 every month for a single CPU core added to your plan and it goes accordingly. 

Another feature that sets Scala Hosting apart from the others is its sPanel which lets you manage all your website activities through the cPanel, all with 100% security and reliability. 

Here are some of its features;


  • Automated daily backups 
  • AI-powered cyber security assured by the SShield
  • Up to 64 gb RAM and 240 gb SSD storage 
  • Litespeed domains
  • 99.9% website uptime, and 
  • Live customer support 24×7 


  • It is a bit costlier than others 
  1. CloudWays 

While talking about the best cloud hosting providers in India, we consider CloudWays as the unique one. This is because the web host has set itself apart from the others with its unmatchable flexibility and complete customizability. 

Being a managed cloud host, Cloudways makes sure that server management is never an issue for you. With Cloudways, you can get started within minutes once you have selected your CMS. 

Another feature that makes this web host unique is its pricing. Along with offering the typical per-month plans, Cloudways also provides you with a per-hour charging model. In that, you pay for the hours you use only. Also, the pricing varies considerably depending on what features you have got with your plan. 


  • Integration with 7 well-reputed cloud hosting providers like AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr
  • 4 different cloud hosting plans to choose from 
  • Complete server management 


  • It doesn’t support cPanel. 
  1. Hostgator 

If Hostinger is looking costly to you then Hostgator is the best alternative you can get at a better price. Hostgator is probably the cheapest cloud hosting company out there with quality features and reliable services. 

Starting from a mere $4.95 per month, Hostgator offers its customers three different plans where the most expensive one costs around $9.95 which is still less than the least expensive plan of Hostinger. But it’s not just the rates that make Hostgator so popular. Their features are top quality as well. 

With the cloud hosting plans of Hostgator, you get dedicated IP addresses, free SEO tools, SSL certificates, and free domains as well. And the efficient customer support adds up to all these. 

If you are looking for a decent cloud hosting provider to support the start of your online journey, Hostgator seems to be the best. 


  • Easy-to-use control dashboard 
  • Outstanding website uptime up to 99.9% 
  • Free migration services 
  • Unlimited storage for better performance 


  • Windows-based VPS hosting isn’t provided 
  1. Dreamhost 

Cloud hosting isn’t just for businesses with well-grown websites. Developers can have great use of it too. And for them, Dreamhost appears to be one of the best cloud hosting providers of all. With probably the easiest server setup within 30 seconds, Dreamhost has surely been a dream host for its customers. 

Along with regular web servers for regular website owners, Dream Host offers a number of server options made for databases, web apps, and running tests too. The web host does not disappoint you when it comes to pricing as well. Just like Cloudways, Dream Hosts offers you a per-hour pricing model starting from as low as $0.0075 /hour where you pay only for what you use. 

Whether you are a typical e-commerce businessman or an enthusiast web developer, DreamHost has got your back. 


  • Multiple server options for regular websites as well as web developers
  • Up to 512 GB of RAM server costing just $0.0075 per hour 
  • Full root access to the servers, and 
  • Free SSD storage and bandwidth 


  • Poor customer support. The cloud hosting company offers only 16 hours of customer support daily, that too via email or live chat. No phone calls accepted! 
  1. SiteGround 

SiteGround has been providing high-class cloud hosting services to its customers around the world for the past 18 years. This cloud hosting company lets you scale your business with fully-managed, high-class, and efficient cloud servers built on Google cloud infrastructure. 

The main areas of focus of this web host are speed and performance. And to be honest, they have been quite excellent at that. There is an SG optimizer plugin offered with any hosting plan you buy which along with the unique PHP setup, boosts your website speed. 

SiteGround offers its features along with the assurance of Google which makes it a very good choice. 


  • Automated data backups daily 
  • Fully optimized servers for better performance
  • A high-tech auto-scaling tool to help you grow your business more efficiently 
  • Super fast website speeds 


  • Quite costlier than other cloud hosting providers. The least expensive plan costs $100 per month. 
  1. A2 Hosting 

To be clear, it’s just the name of the cloud hosting company A2. Any of its features are A1, without a doubt. A2 Hosting has been considered the fastest web hosting provider in the competition. And looking at its pricing which starts from a mere $5 per month, it seems to be unbelievable. 

Although this web hosting company doesn’t offer traditional cloud hosting services, it provides you with fast and secure VPS hosting with dedicated server resources. 

On an overview, we got to know that this cloud hosting company offers up to 99.9% uptime and a lifetime money-back guarantee. However, the real story might be a little different so make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. 


  • Fastest servers up to 20x 
  • 24×7 efficient customer support 
  • Managed and unmanaged server options 
  • Any-time money-back guarantee 


  • The cPanel isn’t included in the plans. You’ll need to pay extra for them. 
  • The company does not offer traditional cloud hosting services
  1. Nexcess

Liquid Wave has been a very reliable web host over the years and Nexcess is a cloud hosting solution introduced by them. Offering pro-class managed Magento, WooCommerce, and WordPress hosting, Nexcess is a perfect cloud hosting company for any eCommerce website. 

Nexcess provides you with very specific plans and services depending on what CMS you have chosen. This makes sure that you get what your website needs. 

Another amazing feature that you get with Nexcess is its all-new Cloud Accelerator. This Cloud Accelerator is a kind of additional layer in front of the cloud stacks for boosting loading times. And to be honest, it really works. 

If you run an e-commerce site that has some decent needs, Nexcess is your access to growth. Definitely one of the best cloud hosting providers out there. 


  • Up to 10TB of bandwidth with up to 800 GB of disk space 
  • Up to 32 GB RAM for seamless performance 
  • All-new Cloud Accelerator for enhanced speed 
  • Multiple hosting plans 


  • No RAM in basic plans 
  • A bit costlier than usual
  1. InMotion 

How can we forget the invaluable contribution of small businesses in the big game? People tend to talk a lot about those well-established big businesses. But they seem to have forgotten that it is the small businesses that become big in the long run. And InMotion steps up to be a part of their growing career with its impeccable cloud hosting plans. 

In our opinion, InMotion is an underrated cloud hosting company that deserves a lot more than it has. The cloud host has something for everyone, literally. From small businesses to Enterprises, it has a hosting plan for all. And that too of high quality. 


  • 10 different plans and pricing for different business types 
  • Free launch assist service for newbies 
  • Free domain and SSL certificates with other services 
  • Exclusive 90-day money-back guarantee 


  • Plans cost over $60 every month which is a bit costly 
  1. Oracle Cloud 

Last but not the least, Oracle Cloud is one of those cloud hosting providers that offer you so much but do not ask much. The cloud host offers you innovative and integrated cloud hosting services to support your business growth. 

Not only this, but the cloud hosting company also lets you build, deploy, and manage workloads in the cloud or on-premises. Oracle Cloud focuses on transforming your business into a much simpler and easier source for customers by reducing complexity. 

If you are a website owner with not much of those hi-fi technical skills, Oracle Cloud is here for you. 


  • A large number of cloud hosting options to choose from 
  • Easier and more convenient customer support using AI, chatbots, and machine learning 
  • Next-generation critical data management 


  • A bit complex to understand 

Final Words: Which One to Go With?

In the article, we have gathered and listed 11 of the best cloud hosting providers in India in 2022. Each of these cloud hosting companies provides you with high-quality and reliable hosting services for your websites. 

We cannot tell you which of these is the best for your website. Because it depends on a number of factors such as your website niche, its requirements, its traffic, and to a great extent, your budget. That is why we are leaving the final decision to you. 

The article is created to give you an idea about which cloud hosting company offers exactly what. You can go with the one that suits your business needs and requirements. 


Q. How much does cloud hosting cost?

Pricing for cloud hosting services varies greatly. Depending on your host and your business requirements, it can be as low as $5 per month and as high as $100 per month too. 

Q. Why cloud hosting is better?

Cloud hosting is considered better than other traditional hosting types because it provides you with a private space and dedicated resources for your website, all at an affordable cost. 

Q. What is the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting. 

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